Pressure Washing

clean and restore your outdoor space

Pressure washing your home is the ideal way to remove mold, mildew, and residue left from pollutants that can take away from the beauty of your home. From your home itself to the decks, docks, and porches that give it its character, pressure washing restores your property to its original beautiful appearance.

Benefits of Pressure Washing

Pressure washing removes dirt and grime, cleans seasonal pollen, and sprays away mold that may deteriorate a surface over time and cause damage to the lumber underneath. The process of pressure washing can reveal potential weaknesses in your surface, letting you know that it’s time for repairs before the damages become even more costly.

Why Choose a Professional Home Exterior Cleaning Company?

If done incorrectly, pressure washing can cause severe damage. Siding may loosen and fall off, windows may be cracked or broken, and paint may be removed. Choosing Paint One for your exterior home pressure washing service provides peace of mind that your property will be cleaned by professionals that deliver results you can depend on.


Paint One uses commercial-grade power washing equipment, using hot water to reduce the need for chemicals for a more natural and sustainable solution. Our team uses a wide variety of equipment to hit those hard-to-reach spots, creating a thoroughly cleaned surface after every project.
Our team brings a new life to your siding, stucco, deck, sidewalk, or dock. You’ll be amazed at the high-quality results from an affordable solution that prevents costly repairs that come from neglecting necessary maintenance.


We have the equipment, resources, and experience to take on the most challenging pressure washing projects. Not only will you experience better results with Paint One, but you’ll be able to rest assured knowing that you and your property are safe and taken care of.

Ready to get started?

Pressure washing can revitalize the look of a home, cleaning and protecting your surface from the elements. PaintOne performs professional pressure washing across the Carolinas, Georgia, and Tennessee.