Exterior Painting

We excel at exterior painting

A fresh coat of paint can rejuvenate the appearance of a home. Having your home painted by a professional exterior painting company will improve your home’s curb appeal and protect it against the elements for years to come. For more than 14 years, Paint One has provided hundreds of homeowners with exterior painting projects that deliver impressive results.

Choosing Paint One for your exterior painting project not only rejuvenates the look of your home, but protects it against the elements. Whether your home faces the snowy mountain winters and winds or the coastal summer sun and ocean salt sprays, Paint One provides solutions for clients across the Southeast. Siding, trims, windows, fascia boards, and stucco are continually exposed to the weather, pollutants, and living organisms like mold and mildew. Without proper protection of your exterior surfaces, you could face costly repairs in the future.

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Our painters have years of experience painting homes. We believe in the work that we do, which is why all exterior painting services come with a five-year limited warranty that provides protection and peace of mind against any defects in workmanship. For outdoor painting projects, Paint One relies on top-quality and premiere brand products that carry either a limited or lifetime warranty against any paint defects.

The quality of Paint One’s workmanship for all varieties of painting projects is second to none. With more than a decade of experience painting all types of homes – multi-story, historic properties, beach homes, and more – we have a proven strategy that brings beautiful results.

Paintone's Proven Process

  • 1. Protect the Exterior of Your Home

    Our crews perform preventative steps to protect your plants, windows, roof shingles, walkways, and décor against paint spills. Our exterior painters use drop cloths and poly plastic sheeting to protect your entire property.

  • 2. Prepare the Work Area

    We pressure wash the exterior of your home before prepping surfaces to be painted. Our exterior painters use a mild cleaning mixture for the power wash, killing microorganisms that cause mold and mildew to create a smooth, clean surface. We inspect for any cracks, holes, peeling paint, or other issues that may prevent paint from bonding to a surface. Our on-staff carpenters perform repairs to eliminate delays and keep your project on track.

  • 3. Apply Paint

    Paint One uses the highest-quality exterior paint material for vibrant colors and better long-term performance. We apply exterior paint with brushes and rollers, providing spray upon request. Brush and roller application allow more paint to contact a surface, creating a stronger bond and more lasting results. While paint sprayers may require less paint, take less time, and cost less for the initial project, thinner coats of paint will lead to faster fading and deterioration.

  • 4. Cleanup the Job Site

    Our crews organize job sites each day, keeping a tidy workspace from start to finish. Our painters clean up their work area, remove all painting debris, and ensure that your outdoor space is just like it was before we began.

  • 5. Final Walkthrough

    Your assigned supervisor completes a final walkthrough with you, ensuring that every detail of your project is completed to perfection. Any areas needing a touch-up will be noted and corrected. A Paint One project isn’t done until every detail is perfect and you’re happy with the final product.

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Why Choose Paintone?

More painting, less waiting

Every project begins in two weeks or less from the time our proposal is accepted.


We provide daily updates on your project, performing a final walkthrough and taking care of touch-ups to deliver complete customer satisfaction.

On-Time and On-Budget

We stand by our timelines and quotes, gauranteed.

2-Year Warranty

Each Paint One interior painting project comes with a 2-year workmanship warranty.

Ready to get started?

Paint One’s exterior painting service pricing is competitive and we know that you will love the quality of our work and our standout customer service. If you’re searching for a trustworthy, experienced exterior painting company, Paint One would love to hear from you and provide a free quote.