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Wood Staining Services

Decks, siding, stairs, railing and log homes

Do you have a log home, wood deck or fence, siding, railings or steps in need of wood staining? Among the many services Paint One offers to homeowners in the Charlotte NC area, our team of professional painters can assist you with your wood staining project.

The benefits of wood staining are both functional and aesthetic. Applying a wood stain to untreated or sanded wood surfaces is highly recommended to protect lumber from the damaging effects of the weather. Wood staining is used for decks, siding (cedar, wood shingles, logs), window frames and trims, gazebo, arbors, pergola, railing, play sets and any other wooden surfaces that need to be protected and/or color-stained. Wood staining brings out the richness of the substrait’s grain and texture for a natural, beautiful finish.

Difference between sealing and wood staining

A sealer is used to seal the pores of a wood surface to make it “waterproof” and prevent wood rot. Using a sealer that inhibits UV rays will minimize the damaging effects of sunlight by slowing down the fading and discoloring action of sun rays that turn lumber’s freshly cut look into a weathered, dull, grey color. The natural weathering process that turns wood into a grey color is the result of chemical, mechanical, biological and light-induced simultaneous reactions. Sealers are usually clear in color.

Stains are used to change the natural color of wood. There are many wood stain colors available which makes it easier to match the colors of adjacent wood structures. From natural clear stains to rich color stains, the choice is yours. Wood stain products come in two different types: dye and pigment. Pigment based wood stains are used to color wood surfaces with large pores, whereas dye based wood stains are used to stain wood surfaces with smaller pores. Oil base wood stains are better than water based.

The reason why so many homeowners opt for staining their decks, rather than painting them, is because wood stains have some translucent properties that allow for wood grain and texture to show through. It is important to note that a sealer only protects the wood from moisture by waterproofing it. A sealer does not protect the wood from cracking and checking when the wood dries out. Checking is a term used in the industry to describe a crack on a board that runs lengthwise, usually the length of the board. This is usually caused by lumber drying out too quickly when no protective wood stain is used.


Why is wood staining so important?

Wood is not a cheap building material. It’s an investment. Any structure built with wood (deck, pergola, siding, log homes) should be protected adequately against the harmful effects of the climate with a premium quality wood stain. Left unprotected, the lifespan of an exterior wood structure will be shorten considerably. Summers get pretty warm in North Carolina. Wood surfaces are exposed to UV rays and dry out under the warm sun. There is also exposure to rain, wind, and in the winter, snow and ice. Differentials in temperature make wood materials contract and expand. If wood structures are left unprotected, they will decay, rot and turn into a weathered grey.

Paint One offers professional affordable wood staining services to Charlotte, Asheville and Raleigh homeowners. We only use premium quality wood stain products, the best available, to protect your exterior wood structures against the damaging effects of the weather. In choosing Paint One to handle all your wood staining projects, you are choosing to have the best local painting professionals to help you protect your wood structures so you can enjoy them longer. The premium quality wood staining products we use, combined with our expert wood staining application process will yield longer lasting color retention and mildew resistance.

When should exterior wood structures be stained?

Wood staining exterior wood surfaces is recommended to protect lumber against the weather. Whether it’s a fence, a deck, or a gazebo, it’s an investment.  Wood staining is needed to protect beautiful lumber structure. The earlier you hire a professional wood staining contractor to apply a sealer and a wood stain to your deck and outdoor wood structure, the better, especially if it is redwood, exotic hardwood or cedar. The longer you wait, the higher the likeliness of wood damage. The exception is green treated or pressure treated wood that should be allowed to to dry out between one to three months before a wood stain can be applied.

As part of regular scheduled maintenance, Paint One recommends wood staining exterior wood structures every springs for maximum protection and and at minimum every two to three years.

Why is staining your wood deck better than painting?

There are many differences between wood staining and painting a wood structure like a deck. As a wood staining contractor, Paint One has a lot of experience and can help you take the right decision about your deck. Paint adds a coat of colored material atop the wood surface. The opaque property of paint causes wood grain and texture to be much less visible. On the other hand, paint will hide blemishes on the wooden surface and that will save time and money. On the other hand, wood staining will show the wood grain and texture of the substrait, but will show imperfection in the wood surface.

To help you determine whether your exterior wood structure(s) should be stained or painted, contact Paint One today to schedule a free in-home estimate. Paint one is a top contractor and house painting company with a lot of experience, and we can help you take the right decision when it comes to wood staining and painting.

Wood Stain removal

If you need wood stain to be removed or lighten, Paint One provides wood stain removal services. Contact Paint One today whether for wood staining or removal services.


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