We are a company with integrity that believes in delivering excellent workmanship, unequaled professionalism, and superior customer service.  We always deliver on the promises we make to our customers and we stand behind our work. One of those promises is that we warranty our residential interior and exterior painting work.  If something goes wrong with the work we have done at your home, we want to hear from you so we have a chance to correct it.

Exceeding customers’ expectation has been the main driving force behind our company’s success. Paint One is an excellent painting company because we are reliable and consistently provide high-quality painting services at a fair price while providing the best customer service possible. We want our customers to be happy and completely satisfied with their decision to hire Paint One for their painting project. Below is the warranty we offer for both interior and exterior painting services for all residential work in the Charlotte area.

Exterior painting warranty

Paint One offers an exceptional five-year warranty on residential exterior painting work. This warranty protects homeowners against defect in workmanship such as peeling, blistering, chipping and other defects directly related to the application of paint.

With such a strong warranty from Paint One, you can put your mind at ease knowing that you are in good hands with Paint One.

Interior painting warranty

Paint One adheres to and follows the best painting practices and standards. Even though our painters take all the measures necessary to make sure our work is not defective, sometimes defects in workmanship just happen. Such defects include peeling, blistering, and chipping that expose the surface below the coat of paint.  To protect customers against such defects in workmanship, Paint One warranties its interior painting work for two years. With this warranty, Paint One will furnish the labor to correct the defective condition free of charge.

Interior and exterior painting warranty claim

In order to file a warranty claim under Paint One limited warranty, you must give written notice to Paint One by email, warranty@paintonesc.com. In your written notice, you shall briefly describe the type of work performed, the date the work was performed and the nature of the defect. 

Interior and exterior painting warranty limitations

Paint One limited warranty does not cover (1) peeling resulting from the breakdown of any underlying, older paint film; (2) peeling on any horizontal surfaces exposed to standing water such as concrete or wood porches, decks and handrails; (3) any structural cracking of the painted surfaces. Please note that Paint One warranty covers workmanship (labor) only and does not include paint materials used. Paint and other materials selected are not covered by this warranty. Please refer to the manufacturer’s warranty statement for details about any warranties that may apply to the materials used on your interior or exterior painting project.

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