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Interior Painting – How To Choose Great Colors For Your Home

New paint colors can completely change the look and feel of a home. If you are in the market for interior painting services, getting a home makeover is pretty exciting and Paint One of Charlotte can help you make your painting project a complete success. With so many colors to choose from, picking colors for your interior painting project can be a little challenging. The article below will give you tools and guidance to help you with your color selection.

Before deciding on colors for your interior painting project, you should first determine what your ultimate goal is – do you plan to sell your Charlotte home within the next two years or do you intend on keeping it and have no plan to sell it in the foreseeable future? If you plan to sell your home, neutral colors will work better because they are like a blank canvas as compared to unusual colors that could turn off some buyers who can’t see beyond wall colors. For everyday living, neutral color schemes can be a little boring so if you don’t plan to sell your home anytime soon, you should select paint colors that make you feel the way you intend.

The color you choose for any particular room should reflect what you want the room to feel like (peaceful, warm, cool, etc…). The right color for a room can make you feel peaceful, relaxed, productive or creative whereas the wrong paint color could make you feel agitated (i.e., red color walls in a bedroom).

You will also need to select color schemes for your home – should you use similar colors in different rooms throughout your home or use different colors from room to room? In our professional opinion, we find it better to establish color continuity throughout the home instead of using different colors in each room. To differentiate each room and to give it its own personality, simply use different shades of the color you selected and create accent walls.

A recent trend in interior painting is the use bold colors. Bold colors are beautiful because they are of the moment. But they are also very trendy and go out of style as quickly as they become popular. Most likely, you will tire of bold colors rather quickly. Instead of painting an entire room with bold colors, use bold colors as accent colors for a walls and architectural elements in your home.

Lighting plays an important role in selecting colors for your interior painting project. Dark room with low light should be made more luminescent with lighter colors. When selecting colors for your interior painting project, select two different shades of the color you want – one shade lighter and one shade darker. Apply samples of each paint shades to areas in the home with different light exposure. Then you can decide which shade of the color you selected you like most.

Paint colors can help make a room feel bigger or smaller, depending on what you are trying to achieve. For smaller room, use cooler colors such as green or blue to make it look bigger. To make a large room feel cozier, use warm, bright colors.

Selecting colors for an interior painting project is no easy task. Try this interior painting color visualizer or download this 2015 paint color forecast for inspiration. Bottom line, when selecting colors for your home, pick modern colors so you don’t date your home, and follow your heart – if you like a color and it looks good in your home, go for it.

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