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It’s amazing how a fresh coat of paint can rejuvenate the appearance of a home. Having your home painted by a professional exterior painting company like Paint One will go a long way to improve your home’s curb appeal and protect it longer against the elements of nature. For over a decade, Paint One has assisted hundreds of homeowners with their exterior painting projects. If you live in the Charlotte area and need your home to be painted by professionals, you can trust the painters at Paint One to do an excellent job.

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About our exterior painting services

Having your home professionally painted by a reputable exterior painting company like Paint One will not only rejuvenate your home, it will also protect it against outdoor conditions. In the Charlotte area, this is even more important if your home is close to the ocean and subject to the hot summer sun and salt sprays. Siding, trims, windows, fascia boards, and stucco are continuously exposed to the weather,  pollutants and living organisms like mold and mildew. Failing to properly maintain the exterior surfaces of your home could lead to costly repairs in the future.

Our painters have years of experience painting homes and our residential exterior painting services come with a five-year limited warranty that gives protection and peace of mind against defects in workmanship (if any).  For outdoor painting projects, Paint One only uses top quality and brand products that carry either a lifetime or limited warranty against defects in the paint.

The quality of Paint One’s workmanship for all exterior painting projects is second to none. We offer over a decade of experience painting a variety of homes including multi-story, historic homes, beach properties, large and small homes and new homes. We hand-brush wood and cement fiber siding, brick and stucco and only use professional equipment and top brand paint products on all exterior painting projects.

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Our exterior painters meticulously go through a series of steps in the application of exterior paint to achieve the best results possible. If you decide to hire Paint One for your exterior painting project, you can expect our painters to follow the steps listed below:

Our Exterior painting process - what to expect

At the start of your exterior painting project, Paint One will assign a supervisor to your project. The supervisor will be your point of contact for the duration of the project.  He/she will check and report to you daily to ensure you are kept informed about work progress.

Paint One takes all the preventative steps needed to protect your shrubs, plants, windows, roof shingles, walkways, outdoor fixtures, and personal property against paint spills. Our exterior painters use drop clothes and poly plastic sheeting as needed to protect everything.

Paint One pressure washes the exterior of your home prior to prepping surfaces to be painted. Our exterior painters use a mild cleaning mixture for the power wash to kill microorganisms like mildew. Removing mildew and grime will provide for clean surfaces to painted, but also will reveal wood rot or problem areas that would have otherwise remained concealed.

In order for your exterior paint to last longer, surfaces have to be professionally prepped. Paint One inspects exterior surfaces (siding, trims, fascia boards, window sills, landings, etc…) for signs of decay, rot, cracks, holes, rusty nails, paint peeling, and anything else that would prevent the paint from bonding to the surfaces it is applied on. Paint One has carpenters on staff to perform light carpentry repairs as needed to eliminate delays in the painting process.

Paint One only uses the best exterior paint material for higher performance. We apply exterior paint with brushes and rollers (we can also spray upon request). Applying coats of paint with brushes and rollers will yield more protection and longer lasting results as more paint will be applied to surfaces. Using paint sprayers to apply exterior paint will require less paint, take less time and cost less initially, but beware that thinner coats of paint will affect how long the paint application will last.

Every day, our crews organize their work area so everything is tidy. Once the exterior painting project is completed, our painters will clean up the work area and remove all painting debris and materials.

The last step in our exterior painting process is for one of our supervisors to do a walkthrough with you of the work that was performed. We want to make sure that everything was done to your expectations and complete satisfaction. During our final walk-through, we mark areas that need to be touched up to make sure everything looks great. 

Why hire Paint One for your exterior painting project?

  • No long waiting period – from the time you accept our work proposal and the start of work,  our lead time is two weeks or less
  • Paint One is incorporated. Paint One is insured and licensed
  • We complete our work on time and on budget, guaranteed
  • We don’t start painting until your home is protected and covered with plastic sheeting so your personal things are safe
  • We prep surfaces to be painted before painting for better looking results
  • We only use brushes and rollers for exterior painting projects for more beautiful and longer lasting results
  • We are all about communication – we’ll keep you updated about daily progress with your project
  • Once the work is completed, we do a final walk through with the homeowner(s) to make sure everything was done to complete satisfaction.  If corrections/touch-ups are needed, we take care of it right away
  • Our residential exterior painting services comes with a 5-year workmanship warranty

Our exterior painting services pricing is competitive and we know you will love the quality of our work and our customer service.  If you live in the Charlotte area and are looking for an outstanding exterior painting company for your project, we would love to hear from you and have the opportunity to provide you with a free quote. Call us today at (704) 844-0483 or fill out our online contact form.

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