Drywall Repair and Replacement Services

During the process of painting the interior of a home, there are sometimes situations that require drywall repairs and replacement. This would be the case if a wall has too many imperfections to correct, or popcorn ceiling was removed and revealed that the drywall is in bad condition. Paint One is a drywall contractor offering professional drywall installation and repair services to homeowners and businesses in the Charlotte area. 

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About our drywall repair and installation services

As a paint and drywall contractor, we see a lot of damaged drywall. To achieve the best painting results possible, drywall repairs or installation is sometimes required.  Before the first coat of paint is applied, the condition of the drywall should be evaluated by a professional drywall contractor like Paint One. Dents, holes, old paint drips, poor taping at the seams – all affect the finish look of painted walls and ceilings if not corrected. That’s why the prep work is so important for great painting results. The smoother the walls to be painted, the better the finished results. Imperfections in drywall show easily, even more so when painting with a semi-gloss or glossy paint. 

Our expert painters spend a great amount of time prepping walls/ceilings before painting. Part of our prep work is to make sure drywalls are in good condition and if not, to recommend repairs or new installation as needed to yield the best results.

Some home improvements can reveal previously concealed issues with the drywall or cause damage to the existing drywall. For example, removing popcorn ceilings or wallpaper could reveal issues with the drywall underneath or cause damage to the existing drywall. Depending on the ease or difficulty of the removal process, damages to the drywall could occur when removing popcorn ceiling or wallpaper. With wallpaper removal, adhesive and glue material could be challenging to remove. Removing textured ceilings (popcorn ceilings) could reveal poor mudding/taping workmanship underneath once removed. The advantage of having  local painting and drywall contractor in Charlotte like Paint One working on your project is that our expert painters can perform all the repairs and painting needed without causing unwanted delays or having to deal with multiple companies to complete your project. 


Do you live in the Charlotte area and have an upcoming home improvement project that involves popcorn ceiling or wallpaper removal or new drywall installation? If so, we would love to hear about your project and have the opportunity to provide you with a free quote. Call us today at (704) 844-0483 or fill out our online contact form.

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