Deck Restoration and Refinishing Services

Decks, piers, boat docks and other outdoor wood surfaces/structures need to be painted or stained regularly to preserve their appearance and prevent damage from the weather and normal wear and tear. Paint One offers top-notch deck restoration and refinishing services to homeowners in the Charlotte area. With expert paint or wood stain application, our professional painters can bring new life to your outdoor wood surfaces and structures. 

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Paint One deck restoration and refinishing services

It’s no secret that all outdoor wood surfaces need to be coated regularly to protect against outdoor conditions. Whether its a deck, pergola or a dock, if left unprotected, outdoor wood structures will turn a gray color and will decay over time.  Coating your outdoor wood surfaces is an important scheduled maintenance that needs to be performed regularly. Wood surfaces exposed to UV rays dry out under the warm sun. Add rain, salt, and blistering heat, and it won’t take long for a dock to decay. Paint One professional deck restoration and refinishing services are the best in the Charlotte area. We can help you select the most cost efficient and best option to restore your deck or other outdoor wood structures. The quality of our work is second to none. We know you will love the results we achieve with our restoration and refinishing services.

Paint One restores and refinishes wood structures/surfaces including decks, residential piers, docks, fences, wood siding, pergola, and stairs. Depending on the condition of the wood surface and the finished look you want to achieve, we use wither premium paint or wood stain.

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Sealing versus staining

Sealing and staining are two different processes. Sealing exterior wood surfaces consist of applying a clear coat of sealant to seal pores making the wood surface waterproof. By using a quality sealer that prevents the drying and bleaching effect of UV rays, exterior wood surfaces will be protected from turning grey color (weathering).

Other the other hand, wood staining is used to alter the color of the wood surface being treated. There are many stain colors to choose from. The more opaque the stain, the more it will conceal the wood grain.  There are two main types of wood stain products: dye and pigment. Dye-based wood stain products are used to stain wood surfaces with smaller pores. Pigment-based wood stain products are used to tint wood surfaces with larges pores.

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Staining versus painting wood surfaces

There are several differences to consider when choosing between wood staining and painting wood surfaces. Paint One can recommend the best approach based on the condition of your deck, pier or dock. Keep in mind that if you decide to have your deck painted and you change your mind in the future, removing the coat of paint will take a substantial amount of work. So you should plan long term when choosing a process to restore/refinish your deck.

Painting your deck will add a coat of colored material atop the wood surface. This will cause the wood grain and texture to be much less visible. On the other hand, a coat of paint will hide blemishes on the wooden surface and consequently reduce the prep work required (ie, more economical).  If you decide to have deck stained, the finished look will be more natural and will show the wood grain and texture of the surface, but will also show imperfections in the wood surface of there are any.

Why hire Paint One for your deck restoration and refinishing project?

  • No long waiting period – from the time you accept our work proposal and the start of work,  our lead time is two weeks or less
  • We complete our work on time and on budget, guaranteed
  • We prep surfaces to be stained for better looking results
  • We are all about communication – we’ll keep you updated about daily progress with your project
  • Once the work is completed, we do a final walk through with the homeowner(s) to make sure everything was done to complete satisfaction.  If corrections/touch-ups are needed, we take care of it right away

If you live in the Charlotte area and need professional restoration and refinishing services for your  deck, pier, dock or other outdoor wood structure, we would love to hear about your upcoming project and have the opportunity to provide you a free quote for Paint One to do the work. Paint One has over a decade of experience painting and restoring/refinishing wood structures. Call us today at (704) 844-0483 or fill out our online contact form.

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