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Wood Replacement

Wood replacement for exterior painting projects

Unprotected wood, when exposed to the elements (sun, rain, snow, ice, heat, cold, wind, mold and mildew) will rot and decay overtime. Peeling paint, non-coated surfaces, areas with mold/mildew accumulation and defective caulking  can lead to major structural damages if not corrected on time. Wood structures around a house, including siding, fascia boards, window frames, shutters, railing, stairs, spindles, door thresholds  door frames, etc… , may need to be repaired or replaced before a fresh coat of paint can be applied. For exterior paint to last a long time, the surface where paint is applied must be in good condition.

As part of the in-home estimate process for an exterior home painting project, a supervisor from Paint One will carefully inspect all the surfaces to be painted. Areas with visible decay will be noted and an estimate to repair or replace the defective surface will be provided to the customer as part of the overall estimate. Please note that Paint One will not paint over decayed/rotten wood. Rotten/decayed areas will need to be repaired or replaced prior to applying a primer and paint color finish. Sometimes, wood rot can only be visible after Paint One has finished pressure washing a home. In that event, Paint One will immediately notify the homeowner about the newly found decayed area.

Wood replacement done the right way

Once an exterior home painting project is underway, finding unexpected decayed lumber can slow down the project to a complete halt if the local painting contractor selected does not have a reliable carpenter on hand to perform wood replacement or repair. Fortunately, Paint One has a licensed and experienced carpenter on staff who can remedy wood decay issue in a expeditious fashion so that your exterior painting project can move forward. Our licensed carpenter has worked on many homes and is highly skilled at repairing and replacing wood structures.

Types if wood replacement services provided

Paint One’s licensed carpenter is highly experienced in his craft and can provide the following type of repairs or replacements:

  • siding
  •  window trims and framing
  • door threshold
  • door frames
  • trims
  • various fascia boards
  • railing
  • spindles
  • stairs
  • and much more…

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